Core cutter blades sharpened

core cutter bladeFederal Knife Inc. can take your dull used core cutter blades and make them better than new. Federal Knife Inc. utilizes a proprietary process that replaces the dull edges of core cutter blades with a mirror finished double bevel with a perfect edge. The core cutter blades finished with this process many times cut longer and cleaner than new . Save all of your dull core cutter blades and send them to Federal Knife Inc., you will save down time and money with long running core cutter blades. Federal Knife Inc. can sharpen core cutter blades from all core cutter manufacturers including, Cameron, Dusenbery, Lisa, Tidland, Webco, fales, Stanford, Coretech, Goss, Harris, Didde Graphics, Hamilton, Schriber,Kirk Rudy, Rollem, Appleton, Piney Bowes, and many others.

Federal Knife Inc. can also supply new core cutter blades that meet and exceed OEM specifications. FKI stocks core cutter blades to fit all popular machines and can make specials in the shortest lead times. Federal Knife Inc. uses the highest grade tool steel heat treatment to ensure the best performance. Core cutter blades are offered in the following grades and hardness, 52100 carbon tool steel (58-60rc), D-2 High Carbon High Chromium tool steel (59-61rc), M-2 High Speed tool steel (60-63rc), CPM-10V Powdered High Speed tool steel (61-64rc), Ultra Fine Grain Tungsten Carbide (88-92rc).

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