Federal Knife is one of the leading suppliers of replacement machine knives in this country to the metalworking, textile, paper, film, foil and plastics industries.

We owe this in part to a high-quality product and to our commitment to customer service.

We also owe this to our nationwide network of distributors. We supply many knives from our large inventory, and custom blades and other special orders are made to specification. We offer distributors the most competitive resale discounts in the industry.

Come join our growing family. Federal Knife needs distributors in many areas.

Call us today at 1-(800)-23-KNIFE to see if we are looking for representatives in your area.

Alternately, e-mail us at sales@federalknife.com, or contact us.

Please include your name, company name, mailing address, and a phone number. A Federal Knife representative will contact you to discuss discounts and billing and shipping options.

If you sell new or used cutting machinery, repair or service cutting machinery, or sharpen blades, Federal Knife can supply you with the high-quality replacement machine blades your customers need.

Thank you for considering Federal Knife. We look forward to the opportunity to do business with you.