High-quality press brake dies & tooling to fit all machines

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Press Brake Dies

Press Brake Dies

Press Dies and tooling is a process greatly influential to the manufacturing industries, but it is often not one that the general public thinks about as being important. Nevertheless, bending steel or sheet metal is necessary for fabrication in the automotive, construction and other machine based industries. Without a strong press brake and the necessary tools of the trade such as guillotine shears and additional squaring shear blades, it simply would not be possible to work as quickly and efficiently as some plants do. To make sure that your press brake dies and tooling efforts are the best they can be, you have to focus on the right equipment, dies and dealers to get you on your way.


Guillotine shears fall in to place to help sheet metal form into the angle necessary for use in whatever manufacturing endeavor it is needed for. Other than the press brake itself, this is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can have as you move forward. Don�t buy from just anyone, and don�t trust in an unproven dealer without proper incentives. These blades must be heavily durable as they work with the dies to create the needed shapes for each function. Most come in sets and are used in conjunction with a shear table to bend the metal into position.