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metal shear blades

Federal Knife Inc. has over 25 years experience in supplying blades for metal cutting. Federal Knife Inc.’s metal cutting blades are made from the highest grades of tool steel. Our metal cutting blades are made to meet or exceed the OEM’s original high standards. Contact one of our many product specialists today for help in selecting the proper grade of tool steel using FKI’s “PERFORMANCE MATCH” system for tool steel and hardness selection. Metal cutting requires the proper heat treat, tempering and tool steel for the blade to cut at optimum levels. Federal Knife Inc. will save you time and money by using our performance proven blades for your metal cutting requirements.

Federal Knife Inc. can supply metal cutting blades for all popular machines and supply specials in the shortest lead times. We stock metal cutting shear blades for Cincinnati, Lodge & Shipley, Amada, Niagara, Wysong & Miles, Accurshear, Bettenbender, Edwards, Steelweld, Pexto, Gatti, Atlantic, Haco, Pacific, Standard, HTC, Hydropower, Summit, Famco, Herr-Voss, Wean, American Hercules, Century, Tennsmith, Pearson, Promecam, Elga, and many more. Contact one of our product specialists today.



Shear blade Grinding

Reform Knife sharpening machine



Federal Knife Inc. can sharpen all of your metal cutting blades. We can bring the edges of your metal cutting blades back to better than new condition. Federal Knife Inc. has specialized equipment designed to hold the highest tolerance and finish on your metal cutting blades. Our typical turn around time is two weeks and our prices are the most competitive in the industry. Metal cutting is expensive enough, let Federal Knife Inc. help you to lower your costs. Call or email today, we will be happy to help you save money. 800-235-6433,






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