Rotary Shear blades for Tube & Pipe cutting

Rotary shear blades

Rotary Shear blades


Federal Knife Inc. is a leading supplier of Rotary Shear Blades for Tube & Pipe cutting. Our blades are made from the highest grades of tool steel including D-2 HCHC,M-2 HSS, CPM-10V and many others. Federal Knife Inc. has many years of experience manufacturing these very specialized Rotary shear blades. The secret is in the radius on the edge. The radius must be perfect for the rotary shear blades to cut correctly. We have the expertize to recommend the optimum edge radius to make your rotary shear blades cut cleaner and longer.

Federal Knife Inc. can restore your used chipped and worn blades to better than new condition. You can save thousands of dollars each year by having Federal Knife Inc. replace the edge bevel and radius on all your dull used rotary shear blades. Call us today for a price quotation.

Federal Knife Inc. can supply all of your replacement blade requirements. Let one of our product specialists help you in you blade selection. Call or email today. 800-235-6433,, you can also see us on Facebook, Youtube and Google Plus. Our facebook page is