Metal Shear Blades

Federal Knife Shear Blades

metal shear blades

Federal Knife Inc. is a world wide leader in the supply of metal shear blades. We manufacture all of our metal shear blades to be an exact replacement for your shear. Federal knife Inc. has most metal shear blades in stock and can manufacture specials in the shortest lead time.

Federal Knife Inc. offers many tool steel grades to performance match your metal shear blades to your cutting application. This performance matching will save time and money when your metal shear blades cut cleaner and longer. Our Super-cut D-2 HCHC grade is a High Carbon High Chromium blade with 12% chromium. This grade is usually used for light gage production shearing mild steel up to 3/8″ thick and stainless steel shearing up to 3/16″ thick. Our Super-cut Modified HCHC tool steel is a 8% chromium tool steel for shearing mild steel up to 7/16″ and stainless up to 5/16″. Federal Knife Inc. also offers several grades of shock resistant tool steels in either S-7 or Modified H-13. These grades will shear mild and stainless steel of almost any thickness the shear can handle.

Federal Knife Inc. can also sharpen all your metal shear blades at our Palmyra, Indiana facility. We surface grind your metal shear blades to better than new condition. Our quick turn around time will aid in lessoning your down time.

Please contact one of our many product specialists today for a price quote on the best metal shear blades money can buy. We guarantee to beat any of our competitor’s quoted prices by 5% or more. Please email or call 800-235-6433 (812-364-1448) today.