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blade sharpening

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blade sharpening

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Federal Knife’s precision blade sharpening services assure competitive pricing for precision regrinding and refinishing to OEM standards.

Click this link to see video clip of shear blades being sharpened.

Shear Blade Sharpening video link

Federal Knife Inc. has over 25 years experience in blade sharpening. We can sharpening many types of machine knives used in industry. Circular slitter blades, metal shear blades, guillotine blades, sheeter blades, plastic granulator blades, toothed jewelers saw blades are just a few of the many blades Federal Knife Inc. can sharpen.  Match grinding of your blades is available on request.

Once your knives are restored to original tolerances, the edges are precision machine honed to remove burrs and wire edges. We lightly oil them to resist rust during shipment and storage.


We provide quick turnaround, and unbeatable customer support. Most are sharpened and returned within 5 days or less.

Federal Knife Inc.’s blade sharpening service will give you expertly sharpened blades that cut cleaner and last longer. Less down time and cleaner cuts equate to money and time saved.

Federal Knife’s sharpening services are available for:

Straight knives up to 16 feet in length: Metalworking shear blades, guillotine paper trimmers, sheeter knives, veneer clipper and slicer knives.

Circular slitters: Dished and flat top slitters, bottom slitters, split slitters, perforator wheels. Match grinding is available and Federal Knife offers discount pricing on large quantities.

Plastic granulating blades: Rotor and bed knives.

Make Federal Knife your first choice for precision blade regrinding and replacement knives.

Call us today, toll free, at 1-(800)-23-KNIFE, or 1-(800)-235-6433, to discuss your requirements with our friendly sales staff.

Replacement blades:

Once your knives are reground beyond usable dimensions, let us “Performance Match” your new replacement blades.

Federal Knife is a leading supplier of knives to the metalworking, textile, paper, film, foil and plastics industries.

We offer high-quality replacement machine blades for all makes and models of machines, as well as custom knives made to your specifications.

We can save you money by supplying replacement blades that last longer, cut cleaner and reduce dust. Reduce your down time and increase production.

Submit your blueprints or specifications to our friendly sales staff to receive prompt, personal service.

Slitters, Perforators and holders:
We service a number of brands, including Dusenbery, Goebel, Cameron, Arrow, Appleton, Valmet, Arpeco, Johnstone, Tidland, Harris, Hamilton, Baumfolder, Goss, Kidder, Stacey, Kirk, Rudy, Clark, Aiken, Moore & White, Milwaukee, Robinson, Heidelberg, Jagenberg, Black, Clawson, New Era, Baldwin, Hantscho, Rockwell, Beloit, Pitney Bowes, IntaRoto, Lever, Langston, Coretech, Kampf Stahl, Schmutz, Didde, Rollem, Bosch and many more.

Shear blades to fit Cincinnati shears, Amada, Betenbender, Wysong & Miles, Accur-Shear, Niagara, Atlantic, Pearson, American Hercules, Pexto, Standard, Pacific, and many more.

Sheeters packaging knives:
We service a number of brands, including Langston, Hamblett, Maxson, Koppers, Marquip, Beck, Rosenthal, E.C.H., Wills, Didde, Glaser, Bielomatik, Black, Clawson, Jagenberg, Western Gear, Lamb, Grays, Hayssen, Schriber, Hantscho, Hamilton, Lenox, Schmutz, Sigma, Gloucester, Rovema, Doboy, Ivex, Marquip, Black, Clawson, Bosch, Dusenbery, Little David, Hayssen, Lane, Rosenthal, Wright, Loveshaw and Kister.

Plastic knives
Federal Knife supply your high quality replacement plastics knives for recycling, granulating and pelletizing equipment. Our expert regrinding service will help you keep a sharper edge in production.

Call us today, toll free, at 1-(800)-23-KNIFE, or 1-(800)-235-6433, to discuss your requirements with our friendly sales staff.