Shear Blade Grinding

Shear blade Grinding

Reform Knife sharpening machine

Federal Knife Inc. specializes in Shear Blade grinding. We have been in the shear blade grinding business for over 25 years. Federal Knife Inc. has specialized shear blade grinding equipment that returns blades to a perfect high tolerance edge. FKI’s shear blade grinding machinery can hold a tolerance of plus or minus .002″ over a 16′ length. Federal Knife can sharpen blades up to 20′ in length.

Federal Knife is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of new squaring shear blades. Because of this we are the experts in shear blade sharpening. We sharpen many hundreds of shear blades each year. Federal Knife also is offering a free sharpening for a set of your shear blades with the purchase of any new set of replacement shear blades.

Federal Knife Inc. will bring your dull shear blades back to life. The blades will be surface ground on all four sides and brought back to OEM specifications. Federal Knife Inc. can make precision shims the customers request. Most Shear blades can be sharpened many times since the tool steel is through hardened. It is vital the blades be cooled during the sharpening process to guard against the lose of hardness. Federal Knife Inc. hand hones each edge and de-magnetizes the blades before lightly oiling and boxing.





Shear blades

Shear blades

Call Federal Knife Inc. today to get a price quote for shear blade grinding. We can also quote new blades for your shear. Federal Knife Inc. stocks blades for all popular machines and can custom manufacture specials in the shortest lead times. Call one of our friendly product specialists today. 800-235-6433. Check out additional shear blade sharpening topics at