• Squaring shear maintenance

    Many shops have older squaring shears in service that are in need of maintenance. This could consist of repairing oil leaks, replacing worn bearing or shear blade sharpening or replacement. Many of the original instruction manuals have been long lost. If the shear was purchased used, the manuals might not have Read More

  • Core cutter blades sharpened

    Federal Knife Inc. can take your dull used core cutter blades and make them better than new. Federal Knife Inc. utilizes a proprietary process that replaces the dull edges of core cutter blades with a mirror finished double bevel with a perfect edge. The core cutter blades finished with this process many times cut longer and cleaner Read More

  • Score slitter blade sharpening

    Federal Knife Inc. can take your dull used score slitter blades and make them better than new. Federal Knife Inc. utilizes a proprietary process that replaces the dull edges of score slitter blades with a mirror finished double bevel with a perfect radius. The score slitter blades finished with this process many time cut longer Read More

  • Shear Blade Price Guarantee

    Federal Knife Inc. will beat any competitors quoted price on replacement shear blades by 5% or more. We can supply and or sharpen shear blades up to 20′ in length and will hold the dimensions to within .002″ over any 12′ area. We will demagnetize your blades,hone the edges and Read More

  • Rotary Tube cutting blade

    Rotary tube cutting blades have been used on Flying tube and pipe cutting machines. The circular metal disc blades with a radius edge can safe time and money in the tube and pipe converting industries. The hardened and tempered tool steel rotary cutter blades should be manufactured to exacting standards. The exact Read More

  • Federal Knife Inc. shear blades bring durability and precision

    All cutting and shearing applications depend on the quality and design of the shear blade or slitting blade to ensure the success of the application. The quality of the shear blade or slitter blade dictates the value of the entire machine, shear, slitter or equipment. Using anything but the highest Read More

  • Shear Blade Sharpening service and much more!

    Shear blade sharpening by Federal Knife Inc. will save you time and money. Shear blades must be sharpened to exacting standards using special equipment capable of holding high tolerances over 20′ in length in some cases. Shear blades sharpening by Federal knife Inc. will give you the cutting and shearing Read More

  • Guillotine blades to cut paper, film and foil products

    Guillotine blades can be used for cutting and shaping materials from a variety of industries. If you have spent any time in the manufacturing industry, then you know just how effective they can be. From working with sheet metal and plates to an assortment of softer materials, guillotine blades are Read More

  • Shear knives for any shear blades application

    A shear knife will come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and serve a number of different industries. If you need industrial knives to work properly, then you must search for the right grade of strength, thickness and size. This will largely depend on what industry that you are Read More

  • Pearson shear blades that you can really count on

    Working outside to maintain a great looking yard or natural lounging area requires a set of shears that you can really count on. Pearson Shear Blades have long been a leader in the outdoor grooming industry because they are so good at removing dry and dead growth. Anvil blades, such Read More

  • High-quality press brake dies & tooling to fit all machines

    Press Dies and tooling is a process greatly influential to the manufacturing industries, but it is often not one that the general public thinks about as being important. Nevertheless, bending steel or sheet metal is necessary for fabrication in the automotive, construction and other machine based industries. Without a strong press brake Read More

  • Metal cutting Shear blades for most machines makes and models

    Metal cutting shear
     blades are an important part of machinery for any business that specializes in cutting and sawing. Pretty much any industry that may have need of a premium strength shear blade knows how vital these tools can be to the trade. Metal shear blades can last for years Read More