Shear blade sharpening Specifications

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 Shear Blade Sharpening Specifications


When sharpening shear blades, they must be surface ground to the same precision tolerances as new knives to maintain a high level of productivity and ensure quality cuts.

Recommended grinding tolerances are as follows:

Width – Parallel to within .002″ from end to end

Thickness – Parallel to within .002″ from end to end

No variation greater than .001″ within any 12″ length should exist.




Federal Knife Shear Blades

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Grinding Limits

Most four-edged shear blades are designed to allow for regrinding both the width and the thickness of the knives.  However, there is a limit to how much material can be removed from the blades before they should be replaced. Below are some minimum grinding limits recommended by the OEMs.



Sharpening Specs



Shear Blade Sharpening Specifications

Initial knife clearance is adjusted by moving the shear table in and out and/or with shims.  If the knife width is less than the reference minimum (W), the knives may not cross full length.  If the knife thickness is less than the reference thickness (T), proper knife clearance may not be possible.

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