Shear knives for any shear blades application

Shear blade

Shear blade

A shear knife will come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and serve a number of different industries. If you need industrial knives to work properly, then you must search for the right grade of strength, thickness and size. This will largely depend on what industry that you are working within. Slitter knives are common in paper based industries, but may also be used for working with plates and sheet metal. Rotary shears are often used to make more than one hundred precise cuts in the same amount of time that it would take a person to make one with the same specifications by hand. Whatever the purpose is that you have in mind for your shear knife, it pays to do business with a supplier that has relationships with all the best brands, as well as one that will not forget about you after the purchase.

Brands, such as Miles, Pexto, and Amada are among the top names in the industry when it comes to securing quality industrial knives. While there are others that also possess a fine reputation, the point is that you should go with what has a proven track record. Some companies have been in business for many decades for a reason: they are good at what they do, which is producing quality product that can cut to most any specification that there is. The relationships that a dealer has with these companies is of great importance because it will affect shipping and pricing options much of the time.

In addition to finding a dealer that stands by their product, carrying only the best, you also need one that will not forget about you after that first purchase has been made. Blades wear out and either need to be sharpened or replaced. Finding a dealer that can do these things for you, or at least point you in an affordable direction, are the ones that you should do business with. Protect your interests by finding a dealer, who is as committed to your success.

Federal Knife Inc. offers new replacement shear blades in a variety of high grade tool steels to ” Performance Match” each unique cutting application. The following tool steel grades are available, D-2 High Carbon High Chromium Tool Steel with 12%Chromium, A8Mod High Carbon High Chromium Tool Steel with 8% Chromium content, ( used when additional shock resistance is required) Modified H-13 Shock Resistant Tool Steel , S-7 Heavy shock grade Tool Steel. Please call 800-235-6433 or email and ask one of Federal Knife Inc.’s product specialist’s to survey your cutting application. They will be happy to recommend the perfect blade and tool steel grade.