Sheeter blades

sheeter blades

sheeter blades

sheeter blades

Fosber Sheeter blades

Federal Knife, Inc. offers all types and sizes of sheeter blades to fit all makes and models of machines.

All of our blades are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications and are made from high quality tool steels.

Federal Knife sheeter blades will hold an edge longer and cut cleaner than most other blades.

This means less waste and less time spent changing out blades, which means you save more money.

Sheeter blades are offered in several grades of tool steel:

FKI All-Cut High Standard Inlay
Our high standard carbon inlay grade utilizes a modern forging process by which a hardened inlay is bonded to a soft back. Special heat treating ensures a good microstructure and balance of hardness and shock-resistance. These knives will deliver an excellent cut and will withstand edge and face bow sometimes seen with inferior blades.

FKI Super-Cut HcHc Tool Steel
The blade for all applications, manufactured from high carbon-high chromium tool steel, incorporating special chip-resistant bevel designs with blade size, hole location, and thread integrity especially produced for ease of mounting and long-wearing quality operation.

FKI Xtra-Cut High Speed Steel Inlay
The finest in high speed steel with 18% tungsten. The durable cutting edge is highly resistant to wear and will deliver more cuts with less dust for more profits.

FKI Tungsten-Cut Tool Steel
The carbide grade. This is a premium blade featuring an inlaid tungsten carbide cutting edge to give the maximum amount of cuts per sharpening.