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Score slitter blades

Score & Perforator. blades

Slitter blades

Slitter blades

Federal Knife Inc. is the expert when it comes to  Cameron slitter blades. We stock all the of the many styles of Cameron slitter blades and bevel designs. All of Federal Knife Inc.’s Cameron slitter blades are manufactured to exceed Cameron’s high standards. All of our Cameron slitter blades are made from the high quality tool steel then heat treated and triple tempered to give the longest wear and cleanest cut. Federal Knife Inc. can also supply holders and anvils for your Cameron slitter blades.





Slitter anvil sleeve

Anvil sleeve

Federal Knife Inc. applies a perfect cutting edge to each of the thousands of Cameron slitter blades we sell each year. We stock score and crush slitter blades, flat single bevel slitter blades, dished slitter blades and bottom blades. We can help you choose the correct grade of tool steel to match your cutting application. Federal Knife Inc. can save you money by designing the perfect bevel for your Cameron slitter blades.





blade sharpening

slitter sharpening





Federal Knife Inc. can sharpen your dull used Cameron slitter blades to better than new condition. We offer quick turn around on all blade sharpening and the lowest prices. Call one of our product specialists today to see how Federal Knife Inc. can save you money. 800-236-6433.