Dusenbery Slitter Blades

Dusenbery Slitter Blades

Dusenbery Slitter

Federal Knife Inc. is the expert when it comes to Dusenbery Slitter blades and Blade Holders. We supply Dusenbery slitter blades manufactured to exceed Dusenbery’s high standards. Federal Knife Inc. stocks Dusenbery slitter blades ,holders, bottom blades and anvil rolls to all Dusenbery machines. Federal Knife Inc. offers Dusenbery slitter blades made from a wide variety of tools steels including D-2 High Carbon High Chromium, M-2 High Speed Steel, CPM-10V Powdered High Speed Steel and Tungsten Carbide to name just a few.






Score slitter blades

Score & Perforator. blades

Federal Knife Inc. offers Dusenbery slitter blades that are score blades, top dished slitter blades,sigle and double edged bottom blades and anvil sleeves. We also offer pneumatic and mechanical holders for Dusenbery Slitter blades. Call one of our product specialists today for an analysis of your cutting requirements 800-235-6433.







blade sharpening

slitter sharpening

Federal Knife Inc. can sharpen your dull and used Dusenbery slitter blades to better than new condition. We can return your Dusenbery slitter blades to the correct edge they were designed with, either a double bevel with an edge radius or single bevel to a razor sharp edge. You can be assured of success if you trust Federal Knife Inc. with your Dusenbery Slitter blades.

Bottom slitter blade

Dusenbery Bottom slitter blades