Guillotine blades

guillotine blade

guillotine blades for paper cutting

guillotine blades

guillotine blades

Guillotine paper cutters can cut your job to size with less waste if you use Federal Knife’s guillotine paper trimmer blades. They’re available in all types and sizes from our large inventory. We stock most industrial makes and models.

Here are some facts about Federal Knife you should know before purchasing a different brand of replacement guillotine blade:


– All of our replacement knives are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

– All trimmers are made from high quality tool steels to fit your application.

– Our guillotine blades hold an edge longer and cut cleaner than most others on the market today.

– You will experience less waste and you will spend less time replacing blades.

Our guillotine blades are manufactured in a range of advanced tool steel grades to fit your specific application and equipment type.

Call us today, toll free, at 1-(800)23-KNIFE, or (800) 235-6433. Tell our product specialists your specific requirements and we will “performance match” your replacement guillotine paper cutter blades. You can expect to get the most cuts for your dollars with Federal Knife Inc.

– FKI All-Cut High Standard Tool Steel – Our high standard carbon grade utilizes special heat treating to ensure a good microstructure and balance of hardness and shock resistance. These knives deliver an excellent cut and will withstand edge and face bow.

– FKI Super-Cut HcHc Tool Steel – The blade for all applications, manufactured from high carbon, high chromium tool steel, special chip-resistant bevel design with blade size, hole location, and thread integrity. Especially produced for ease of mounting and long-wearing quality operation.

– FKI Xtra-Cut Hss Tool Steel – The finest in high speed steel with 18 percent tungsten. A durable cutting edge highly resistant to wear delivering more cuts with less dust for more profits.

– FKI Tungsten-Cut Tool Steel – The premium carbide grade featuring an inlaid tungsten carbide cutting edge to provide maximum cuts per sharpening.

Call us today, toll free, at 1-(800)-23-KNIFE, or (800)-235-6433, for sharpening and replacement knife services. Whatever your cutting application, make Federal Knife your first choice for replacement blades and blade sharpening services.