Veneer Knives

Veneer knives

Veneer slicer knives

Federal Knife can supply high-quality replacement veneer knives, for clippers, slicers and lathe cutting machines. All of Federal Knife Inc.’s veneer knives are made for the highest quality tool steels. We offer veneer knives with hardened tool steel inlayed edges, through hardened tool steel edges or flame hardened edges. Federal Knife has veneer knives to fit  Casati, Josting, Capital, Savi, Tagliabue, Ruckle, Torwegge, Monguzzi, Cremona, Maranaka and many other cutting machines.

Veneer Knives

Capital Veneer Slicer blade










Veneer Knives

Veneer Slicer Diagram

Federal Knife Inc. stocks many of the most popular veneer

knives and can custom manufacture veneer knives in the shortest lead time. FKI has over 25 years proven industry experience and an un-matched list of satisfied customers. You can trust the most important part of your machine to the knife experts, Federal Knife Inc. will not let you down!

Federal Knife’s veneer knives are precision manufactured to OEM. specification for long-wearing, trouble-free operation.

We can “Performance Match” the correct grade of steel to your specific cutting application.

FKI Super-Cut Clipper – This carbon inlay clipper knife is specifically designed to give a clean, long-lasting cut. You change blades less often and save more money.

FKI Clean-Cut Non-Staining Slicer – This blade is manufactured to deliver a true and accurate cut time after time. This slicer knife is manufactured to hold its edge integrity to minimum grind widths.

Federal Knife Inc. can sharpen the edge of your dull used veneer knives to better than new condition. You will save time and money with cleaner cuts and longer intervals before blade changes. Call us today at 1-(800)-23-KNIFE, or 1-(800)-235-6433 or email to contact one of our friendly product specialists.



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Slicer knife

Veneer Slicer blade